18 Nov Virgin Trains ‘Pendolino’

N GaugeVirgin Trains ‘Pendolino’


Photo courtesy Ben Ando/Revolution Trains.

The first working sample, hand-painted by the team at Rapido’s HQ in Canada, powers along Arran Aird’s Law Junction layout. Photo courtesy Ben Ando/Revolution Trains.

Following a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that fell  just a few thousand pounds short of its goal, Rapido Trains Inc. and Revolution Trains are excited to announce the Class 390 Virgin Trains ‘Pendolino’ in N Gauge.


Revolution Trains will sell the models in the UK while Rapido Trains Inc. has agreed to fund the production of 200 N gauge ‘Pendolinos’, to be sold internationally.

The ‘Pendolino’ is being produced with the full support of Virgin Trains. To ensure maximum fidelity we have laser scanned the prototype, and our model will feature the following specification:

Product Features:

  • Powered driving cars at each end.
  • Rapido’s proven low friction drive.
  • Full interior detail.
  • Illuminated table lamps.
  • Directional headlights and tail lights.
  • Finely-crafted pantographs.
  • Close-coupling between vehicles.
  • Removable front panel for prototypical ‘drags’ over non-electrified lines.
  • DCC Ready with Sound option.
  • Limited sounds will work on DC.
  • DCC Sound models have high-quality decoders and speakers at both ends.
  • Amazing sounds recorded by Legomanbiffo from the real train – a first for British N.

We’re offering full and accurate nine-car (Class 390/0) and 11-car (Class 390/1) sets, along with a shorter five-car formation (as No. 390001 Virgin Pioneer) comprising one each of the basic vehicle types (Coaches A, C, E, H and K) for those on a budget. A 50% deposit secures your choice of unit(s).

The order deadline had now closed.
Delivery is expected in early 2018.

Pendolino-StandardVirgin Trains livery

Pendolino-PoppyVirgin Royal British Legion ‘Poppylino’ livery

Pendolino-AlstomVirgin Alstom Pendolino livery
Pendolino-BritainVirgin Business is Great Britain livery

The nine-car and 11-car trains will be available in ten different number and livery configurations. The set of two trailer cars (Coaches F and U) creates a prototypically ‘strengthened’ 11-car train, or can be used by modeller wanting to model the delivery trains from the Alstom plant in Saviglianoto, Italy to Edge Hill, Liverpool, when the sets were upgraded from nine to 11-cars.

9-Car Class 390 ‘Pendolino’ (all in standard Virgin Trains livery)
390001 Virgin Pioneer
390005 City of Wolverhampton
390006 Tate Liverpool
390045 101 Squadron

11-Car Class 390 ‘Pendolino’ (in standard Virgin Trains livery unless otherwise noted)
390103 Virgin Hero (Royal British Legion ‘Poppylino’ livery)
390104 Alstom Pendolino (Alstom livery)
390114 City of Manchester
390122 Penny the Pendolino
390138 City of London
390151 Virgin Ambassador (Business is Great Britain livery)



For every commemorative ‘Poppylino’ model sold (No. 390103 Virgin Hero with WW1 centenary Poppy brandings) a donation will be made to the Royal British Legion.



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