18 Nov Stirling Single

OO GaugeGNR Stirling Single No.1


Pre-production painted sample of the Stirling Single.
Photo courtesy Railway Modeller.


Locomotionmodels.com and the National Railway Museum in proud association with Rapido Trains Inc. are pleased to announce the introduction of the Stirling Single in 4mm Scale/OO Gauge. This exclusive model will be produced as part of the “National Collection in Miniature” series.

Rapido Trains Inc. has a reputation for museum quality products, which have a truly impressive level of accuracy together with an incredible amount of detail.

Over the years locomotionmodels.com has established a well-deserved reputation for accuracy and refinement in its Exclusive Edition “National Collection in Miniature” series.

The Stirling Single model has been designed using a combination of archival materials, state-of-the-art laser 3D scanning techniques and CAD applications. The model of the Stirling Single No.1 will be paired with the locomotive’s original and current tender which it received in 2014.

The Stirling Single will be a Special Edition. Reserve your model now through locomotionmodels.com. A £50 deposit will ensure that you will be one of the first to own this truly iconic locomotive.


OO Gauge Model Features:

  • Laser 3D scanned for accuracy
  • Smooth running mechanism
  • Suitable for operation on 2nd Radius curves (or greater)
  • Accurate, fine scale precision livery application
  • DC or factory fitted with ESU DCC sound decoder
  • Accurate sounds obtained from archival footage
OO Gauge GNR Stirling Single 4-2-2
Item Description Price
NC002 No.1 with original/current tender (DCC Ready) £229.00
NC002S No.1 with original/current tender (DCC Sound) £329.00
Please note: The version with Sturrock tender has been cancelled. Sorry if you wanted this version.
Models are available exclusively through locomotionmodels.com. Please reserve to ensure delivery!

button-reserveAvailable spring 2018

The first sample, as shown off at the York show in April 2017.

The first sample, as shown off at the York show in April 2017.


The Stirling Single class of locomotives were built by the Great Northern Railway at Doncaster between 1870 and 1895 and numbered fifty-three locomotives in total. Notable for their 8 foot 1 inch driving wheels, Stirling Singles handled fast trains on the East Coast route for many years, with the last of them not being retired until the early twentieth century.

Stirling Single No.1 was set aside for preservation in 1907. Shortly afterwards the locomotive underwent minor restoration which removed some in-service modifications bringing the appearance of No.1 closer to the day when it was first outshopped. However, at this time it was also paired with a smaller Sturrock tender obtained from an earlier locomotive and it was with this tender that the locomotive is perhaps best known as the Sturrock tender remained with the locomotive for nearly all of its time in preservation.

GNR Stirling Single No.1 was displayed at the White City Exposition in 1909. The locomotive was again steamed in 1925 as part of the Stockton and Darlington Centenary celebrations. In 1938 the locomotive received a general overhaul and was displayed during the 50th anniversary of the Races to the North celebrations. Since then GNR No.1 has been in steam several times with the last occasion being in 1985, prior to which the locomotive had been operating on the Grand Central Railway, the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and at the National Railway Museum, York.

An original, correct, Stirling Single tender was found derelict near Peterborough, having somehow survived the ages in part because of its use as a water and sludge carrier! This tender has been restored by the NRM and is currently displayed with No. 1.

The Stirling Single models will be produced exclusively for locomotionmodels.com.


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