05 Jan OO Gunpowder Van

OO gauge Gunpowder Van

Disclaimer: these 3D prints contain elements of both British Railways and
Pre-Nationalisation versions and may not have been assembled in the correct order.

Rapido Trains Inc. is proud to announce our first British 4mm/OO gauge wagon, the classic GWR/LMS/LNER/British Railways Gunpowder Van (GPV).

Most GPV construction by the big four Grouping era railway companies was inspired by the classic Great Western Railway vans (which went by the telegraph code ‘Cone’), which were themselves derivatives of the huge fleet of ‘Iron Minks’. This family resemblance continued right through to the final batch of British Railway-built wagons in 1959.

Ex-Great Western Railway GPV well into the British Rail era. During its long

life this wagon was rebuilt with new W irons and vacuum brakes.

With its multipart tooling the Rapido GPV is designed to cover a wide range of variants from the final GWR Z4 design of 1939 right through to the penultimate lot of BR vans from 1958 (Diagram 1/260). This includes wartime period batches constructed for both the LMS and LNER (to Diagram 2093), for a grand total of some 215 wagons.

Underframe details, including vacuum pipe, coupler centre spring,

and beautifully fine brake levers. Not bad for a 3D print!

As well as catering for as-built variations, such as RCH and BR underframes, vacuum brake (or lack of it), and GWR or LMS/BR body styles, the Rapido GPV also has three different types of buffers. It even has an alternative vacuum brake arrangement for pre-nationalisation wagons later rebuilt with this equipment.

We’re just finalising the 3D designs for this model and it will be heading into tooling soon.

Our sneak peak of the GPVs at the Warley Show!

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